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Resins -- You Make the Call

Pallet Stretch Wrap Labels High Density Polyethylene
Cast and Blown Hand Wrap Shipping Labels 8 Color Flexo
Machine Wrap Custom Printed Sheeting
Colored Packaging List Envelopes Sheeting Perforated
Printed Film Mailing Labels Bags - Cut or Rolls
Stretch Netting Plastic Labels Merchandise Bags
Vented Stretch Film

Prestretched Film Co-Extrusions Laminations

2-9 Layers Adhesive
Plastic Bags Boilable Extrusion Mounted
Bag on a Roll Poultry Bags Tandem - 5 Layer
Ziplock Pouches Flexo 10 Color
Gusseted Bags - Cut or Rolls Process Printing
Printed Mylon High Barrier
Metalized Surlyn Paper (Unsupported Printed Polypropelyne, Bakery Candy)
Anti Static LDPE
Shrink Bags LLDPE Specialty Items
Vacuum Pouches HDPE Duplex Bags
Static Shielding EVA Microwave Popcorn Bags
Mailers EVOH Polyethelyne Sleeve Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels
Shrink and Cling Film LDPE, LLDPE, EVA Polyethylene Pre-Formed Bags- Cellophane
PVC Shrink Film 8 Color Flex Polypropylene
Laundry Wrap Sheeting Laminations
Produce Film Sheeting Perforated
General Purpose Film Bags - Cut or Rolls
Polyethelyne Shrink Film Shrink Bundling

Poly Wicketed Bags
Pallet Hoods Colored Films
Covers Available from .0005 - .012


Box Liners

Can Liners

Other ingredients (resins & additives) available at your request.


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