Mill Pack Inc.
Specialized Packaging Films for Industry
Mill Pack Inc. is a single source provider of specialized flexible packaging films to food and industrial manufacturing facilities throughout the southeast. We are committed to pursuing the latest industry technologies in order to provide our customers the best quality, efficiency, and value.

Our fifty-two years of combined industry experience, coupled with the expertise of fourteen film manufacturers, converters and printers we partner with giving you a competitive edge for the latest film structures available today and carry the AIB Certification.

From single layer films to up to nine layer films, Mill Pack Inc. can provide the right film for your particular application. Whether it be printed with up to ten colors or unprinted, coextruded or adhesive laminations, roll stock, bags,or 7-layer Cast Stretch Film, Mill Pack Inc. can do it all!

Our company is well-respected with a reputation for quality products and caring for our customer's needs. So please contact us today and let us consult you on the latest technologies to increase your production and reduce your material cost.

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P.O. Box 669
Louisville, TN 37777
Phone: 865-588-8493
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